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Which Sagest services will help you create the best book possible?

Creating a book is a complex and detailed process requiring many areas of expertise. It is always a team effort. We help, advise, manage, and complete many of the myriad tasks.

Each project is unique; the publishing world is constantly changing and we are constantly learning. We bring experience and abilities into play when working with the many different professionals involved in publishing a book.

Sagest offers complete comprehensive services to many of our clients, while others take an à la carte approach, using us for tasks they cannot perform on their own. We often fill in the gaps to make books happen!

Project Development

The Sagest team can help you define your target audience, develop your book content, and choose the right format(s). Then, we create a budget and schedule to bring your book to life. Our long-standing relationship with an exclusive book printer in South Korea results in the finest of printed products.

Some clients need to raise money to fund their book projects through crowdfunding/tribe building campaigns, donor appeals, sponsorship solicitation, and grant writing. We can provide information and support for these efforts.


  • Crafting or refining the book title and subtitle
  • Developmental editing
  • Peer review and fact-checking
  • Copyediting and proofreading
  • Ghostwriting
  • Rights management and permissions

Image Content

  • Reviewing portfolios and hiring illustrators
  • Photo research
  • Photography on location and in studio
  • In-house high-resolution scanning
  • Image retouching, manipulation, enhancement, and outlining
  • Image management (including image quality and file type/size consulting)

Other Content

  • Front and back matter
  • ISBN number and barcode
  • Library of Congress PCN, CIP
  • Dust jacket text, testimonials, blurbs
  • Credits, legal statements, etc.

Bespoke Book Design

  • Choosing a cost-effective size
  • Recommending visual and tactile features (foldouts, paper selection, ribbon markers, endpapers, slipcases, etc.) to enhance the content
  • Dust jacket and cover design
  • Interior graphic design, layout, and final production files for printing

Prepress, Printing, and Bindery

  • Color management (Converting RGB to CMYK, custom color and density adjustments, final sharpening to size)
  • Prepress and contract color proofs in Pasadena, CA
  • Managing all aspects of proofing, printing and bindery

Delivery Logistics

  • Packaging (imprinted double-walled cartons)
  • Storage requirments and specifications
  • Shipping/delivery logistics, meet local delivery, arrange global distribution (Our pricing includes all sea/air/land shipping and customs costs.)

Other Formats and Products

  • Translation to other languages
  • Audiobooks
  • Special editions or versions for vertical/tiered marketing strategies
  • Interactive, enhanced ebooks or iPad apps
  • Content repurposing for ancillary products such as film or merchandise

Marketing Planning & Execution

  • Insurance, legal liabilities, copyright filing
  • Research and recommended book pricing (SRP)
  • Metadata management
  • Sell sheets and sales collateral
  • Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) for targeted reviewers
  • Website with search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Online sales via book website, Sagest website, Amazon, etc.
  • Social media and advertising
  • Submissions to book catalogs
  • Print, broadcast and online publicity, and podcast interviews
  • Book trailer production
  • Award submissions
  • Wikipedia entries/editing (if appropriate )

Sales and Distribution

  • Identify appropriate local, regional, national and global distribution channels (book trade, gift trade, public libraries, associations, etc.)
  • Warehousing, fulfillment, inventory management, accounting, store placement and promotions
  • Management of backlist and shelf life of books; remainders and returns

(Above) Hayward Oubre: Difficult to Impossible
A 48-page French-fold soft cover book of the extraordinary wire sculptures, paintings and works on paper of the first Oubre museum retrospective, for Steve Turner Contemporary and the Greenville County Museum of Art.